We do not only deal with removals but also with all kinds of transport. In the case of exceptional or out of shape shipments such as industrial vehicles, boats, cranes etc. We provide transport with stocks and pre-established routes requiring the various permits to the competent bodies, ensuring delivery times and integrity of the goods transported.
TRANSPORT GOODS TRANSPORT Refrigerated transport
with trucks equipped with a temperature controlled refrigerator to ensure constant temperature throughout the route.
Transport of dangerous goods
with trucks class 2 -5, 6 - 9, with vehicles used in ADR regulations and with personnel with ADR driving license.
Transportation of maritime containers
from 20 'and 40' from the port of Naples / Salerno for various destinations and return to the terminal of origin.
Boat transport
sail and motor with the use of lowered carriages equipped exclusively for this transport.
with a transporter if it is a multiple load or with a tow truck if it is a single transport. The transport is covered by an insurance policy for a maximum value of € 25,000.00 per car.
On request we provide the escort (for off-road transport) on pre-established routes, requesting the various permits to the competent authorities, ensuring delivery times and integrity of the goods transported